Let's imagine Open Food Facts Days 2024 together !

Invitation to brainstorm around our annual community get-together !

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Invitation to brainstorm around our annual community get-together - the Open Food Facts Days 2024 ! 

👋 Hi there ! 

Each year Open Food Facts dedicated a weekend to its community ! It's a very special time of connection. 

In preparation of the 2024 Open Food Facts Days, we would love to have your input about the programme, speakers, workshops, etc etc etc. 

We'll organise a brainstorm call with the community members interested in helping on this front. 

If you'd like to help beyond this brainstorm phase, we'll be delighted, but it's up to you ! 

Want to be a part of it ? 

  1. ✍️ Show interest by registering to this "event". This will allow Gala to know who's keen :) (Don't mind the current dates). 
  2. 🗓 Gala will propose some dates in May/June for our brainstorming call. 
  3. ☎️ Participate in the call with various ideas !
  4. You may like to help with logistics before or during (if you are planning on coming) - this can be discussed after the call. 

Questions: write to gala@openfoodfacts.org 

Here are some images from the 2022 weekend : 


Date & Time
May 20, 2024
Start - 1:00 PM
June 30, 2024
End - 1:40 PM Europe/Paris

Open Food Facts online event

--Open Food Facts online event--
--Open Food Facts online event--

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